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Supporting trade between the Netherlands and Qatar

Established in 2006, The Dutch Business Council in Qatar supports the interests of the Dutch business community in Qatar. It aspires to connect cultures, people, and companies; provides a platform for its members to network; and enhances business links with The Netherlands, other councils and chambers and relevant stakeholders in a Qatari-Dutch business context.

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Upcoming events

  • 09 May 2018Europe Day

    Location: Grand Hyatt
    Time: 6:30PM - 11.00PM
    Invitation: click here to buy your tickets
    Description: On the date of the anniversary of the Schuman declaration - and the beginning of what is now the European Union - we come together to celebrate peace and unity throughout Europe. This year the DBCQ has the honour to invite you to join the celebrations. There will be music, drinks, and snacks around this year’s theme “Diversity”. Details regarding ticket sale will follow soon.their experiences with the audience. We are expecting an energizing evening full of opportunities to connect and are looking forward to seeing you.
  • Iftar: To be Confirmed

    Location: To be confirmed
    Time: To be confirmed
    Invitation: To be confirmed
  • Theme: Oil & Gas - Upstream to Downstream

    Location: To be confirmed
    Time: To be confirmed
    Invitation: To be confirmed
    Description: At the DBCQ’s regular theme nights we invite three speakers for a brief presentation on Qatar as unique business context and the highlights of their work. During this event we will learn about the oil and gas industry, both upstream and downstream, from the leading companies in Qatar. Expect an energising evening full of opportunities to connect!

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