Unique experience offered to DBCQ members

Aspire Dome DohaDear members,

We managed to arrange a unique experience for maximum 25 DBCQ Members on the 2nd of June. It comprises the impressive presentation as given to the FIFA inspection committee back in September 2010. The movie visualizes all aspects of the World Cup experience from transport to operations.  The cinema was specially built for this visit and we managed to offer you the same experience as the FIFA inspection team. Further this event includes a behind the scenes visit of the largest indoor pitch of the world, the Aspire Dome, and finally includes a lunch.

The program starts at 12 pm and finishes between 3.30 and 4 pm. Details will be provided later to participants.

The full package requires only a fee of QAR 100 per participant.

Out of the FIFA evaluation report:

The inspection in Qatar took place in September 2010. The FIFA team spent 3 days in Qatar, the visit was well structured and comprehensive information was provided. The team were given presentations of the planned and existing stadiums.

Please RSVP to dbcqatar@gmail.com on/before the 29th of May.

Kind regards,


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